About Us


Since 2001 Polaris Land Surveying has been an industry leader in providing high quality, cost effective surveying services. Based in southern Vancouver Island, Salt Spring Island, and Powell River, we are a land surveying firm qualified to practice on both provincial and federal lands. Polaris is owned and operated by Brent Taylor, BCLS, CLS and Jordan Litke, BCLS.

Polaris does not have a conventional ‘head office’. Instead we have a virtual office, where our team members are based throughout our service areas. Team members are assigned to specific projects depending on their location and expertise. With this business model, we are able to go to our clients, rather than have our clients come to us. Many of our clients are located in Victoria, Sidney, the Gulf Islands, Duncan, Chemainus and the Sunshine Coast and we have worked on projects throughout British Columbia, including the Lower Mainland, the Cariboo, the Kootenays and the Peace River District.


Brent Taylor, BCLS, CLS

Brent was commissioned as a British Columbia land surveyor in 1984 and a Canada Lands Surveyor in 1995.  Brent has been actively involved in providing land surveying services to a variety of clients and industries since 1981.

Brent has extensive experience in project management and condominium development in British Columbia.  Through the 1990’s he was influential in the preparation of the Strata Property Act.  He has been the survey coordinator on many major projects on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands as well as select projects throughout BC.  His experience includes challenging boundary determination of natural boundaries and rectilinear boundaries, major topographic surveys, land consolidation, re-zoning, subdivision, construction layout, easements, rights of way, covenants, condominium surveys, air space surveys, well site and pipeline surveys.

Brent has been engaged as an expert witness for a variety of cases relating to the definition of habitable area of a strata lot, the definition of public roads through municipally owned land, the location of a drainage course and the flooding of land, as well as cases regarding the definition of a present natural boundary in the presence of filled foreshore.

Jordan Litke, BCLS

Jordan began his surveying career in 2002 in the prairies, working in the oil and gas sector. After a few years in the prairies, he worked his way west, eventually landing in Victoria and joining Polaris in 2010. A year later he was commissioned as a BC Land Surveyor.

Jordan’s work experience is both geographically and technically diverse. It began surveying well sites and pipelines in the prairies, included a stop in the Gulf of Mexico, and eventually brought him out west to the interior of BC. There he primarily worked on construction, topographic and control surveys throughout the province. Since joining Polaris, Jordan’s resume has grown to include land development such as subdivisions, stratas, and air space parcels, First Nation projects such as Treaty Settlement surveys, as well as construction and topographic surveys.